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Funeral Home
Montauban Rondeau

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Why will you chose our Funeral Home ?

At Montauban Rondeau Funeral Home, we are eager to provide the most complete service, to help you during the complicated times of losing a relative and organizing the funeral.

That is why we do our utmost to create the most personal ceremony, the way the deceased wanted it in regards with his or her beliefs and budget prices.

You just lost a relative in France and you don’t know what to do ?

We are here for you. We will answer every question, explain the planning step by step, help you organize the funeral, in France or abroad.

You can’t travel to France ? We do our utmost for you to spend some moments in silence with the deceased online. With us, you will attend the ceremony thanks to a viewphone system.

We do believe our mission lasts after the funeral. We help you throughout your mourning time and elaborate all the administrative files following death.

Montauban Rondeau Funeral Home is a complete professionnal team : drivers, bearers, masters of ceremonies and funeral counselors. We are here for you !

Let our funeral home become your shelter.


Funeral Organization


Montauban Rondeau Funeral Home is devoted to you and elaborates all the administrative files in relation to the funeral in France and abroad, like death certificates. We are located in South Charente, near Dordogne and Gironde. Using our special vehicles (abiding by law standards), we take your relative in charge, wherever he or she is : at home, in a clinic, in a hospital, in a retirement home… We also make sure he or she is sent back to France or in his or her country.

We prepare with you the funeral wake, the ceremony and the obituary. We give you the chance to offer a real tribute by providing a wide range of coffins and caskets, paddings and funeral emblems for burials and cremations. You can also check our flowers and funeral plates).

The person is gone and no burial plot has been booked yet ? Don’t worry : our funeral counselors do it for you before our specialized team operates the digging and lay the vault.

After the cremation, you need to the ashes to travel to another country ? We plan everything with you. We must inform you that French laws may be different : for instance, they forbid the sharing of human ashes.


Access our funeral chambers 24/7 and share private moments with your lost one. The chamber is a dedicated room where you may bring pictures, music or the deceased’s belongings. Just let us know how you wish to wake and we will study every idea.

Is your family abroad ? We ensure them a viewphone wake service.

You would prefer a more traditional home funeral ? Web ring the person home in our special vehicles and settled him or her safely.

We also provide embalming services and welcome you in our technical room for ritual toilets.



Ceremony is a very important time, when family and friends gather to pay tribute to the deceased in order to say goodbye. For every life is unique, Montauban Rondeau Funeral Home tailors the ceremony to the family’s requirements, including speeches and music. Our masters of ceremony write in English, French and Spanish. The ceremony may take place at the cemetery or at the crematorium.

Whichever religion you have, we contact the church to organize with you the religious ceremony.

You can’t travel to France ? We do our utmost for you to spend some moments in silence with the deceased online. With us, you will attend the ceremony thanks to a viewphone system.


Planning ahead funeral arrangements

Peace of mind, for you and your family, are the keywords of planning ahead your funeral arrangements. Wake, ceremony, burial or cremation : make sure your choices will be fully respected.

Montauban Rondeau Funeral Home estimates for free and helps you making the financial plan according to your wishes and means.

Funeral items

Montauban Rondeau Funeral Home offers the biggest choice of funeral items throughout the year, for funerals or on All Saint’s Day occasion.

Natural flowers

Working in collaboration with a florist, we can provide original bunches to put on the coffin during the ceremony, but also sprays of flowers to lay on graves, roses sold individually…

Synthetic flowers

You will be surprised by the natural aspect of our artificial flowers, very colourful and designed to resist the effects of time and weather.


Discover all styles of funeral plates : classical, modern, vintage, religious, theme-based ; made of stone, granite, resin, ceramic, Altuglas…

Montauban Rondeau Funeral Home, we believe honoring someone’s memory should’nt be about the money : that’s why we provide all kinds of funeral plates from 11€.

Thanks to our engraving workshop, we make your personalized funeral plate.

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